August 3 2024 - Berlin

Location: Berlin, meeting point will be announced soon

We regularly take to the streets in large-scale campaigns. We publicise the issue, gain support for our demands and build up pressure on the government together. Our alliance of various social movements demands: Stop fossil fuel subsidies! Join us!

48 billion for climate collapse?

What happens?

Every year, our government subsidises the burning of oil, gas and coal to the tune of more than 48 billion euros. By subsidising fossil fuels, the government is foregoing a lot of money and further fuelling the climate catastrophe. Want some examples?

  • Free allocation of CO2 certificates means that industry does not have to pay anything for some of its CO2 emissions. (€ 9 billion)
  • Flights are subsidised by the energy tax exemption on paraffin. (€ 8.4 billion)
  • Fat SUVs are brought onto the roads through the company car privilege. (~€4.3bn)

What should happen?

The money could be well spent on social programmes: attractive public transport, social housing, an adequate basic child benefit system, etc.

All together on the streets!

Example: The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, a large alliance has occupied the A12 motorway in The Hague every few months to demand an end to fossil fuel subsidies. Each time the numbers have grown. Most recently, over 25,000 people took part in the action. They blocked the A12 motorway every day and were ultimately successful: The parliament decided that fossil fuel subsidies must end.
The success in The Hague showed what we can achieve with mass peaceful protest.

EU campaign United for Climate Justice

413.4 billion euros for fossil fuel subsidies is being spent by the EU while the climate crisis continues to escalate!
2023 was the hottest summer for several thousand years. Eight European countries have experienced the hottest year since weather records began. Yet the EU and governments are not aiming to change course. Subsidizing companies that fuel the climate crisis is irresponsible and criminal - it must stop NOW!
That’s why, inspired by the A12 blockades in the Netherlands, we are joining United for Climate Justice (UCJ) to plan collective action.
We demand that the EU and its member states end all fossil fuel subsidies immediately!

Stoppt Fossile Subventionen vom 2. März 2024

We resolutely blocked the A100 with 500 people to stop fossil fuel subsidies!

We demanded, made music, danced, felt: at the bike demo, with friends, with children and with a touching end on the 17th construction section of the A100.

Who is in?

Several groups are already active in our Stop Fossil Subsidies! alliance. Would your group like to join? What would you rather spend the money on? Write to us !

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